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Condensa 2024 Safety Day

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Condensa held the 2024 Safety Day event aimed at strengthening the safety culture in the Condensa community. With an agenda focused on four fundamental pillars—leaders, Joint Health and Safety Committee (CPHS), work teams, and emergency brigade—the day sought to promote safe practices and a healthy work environment.

Four preventive and safety stands were set up to prepare the teams for the day’s activities from the beginning of the event. These stands, organized by Mutual de Seguridad, Taurus Extintores, and Manos de Luna, offered workshops on first aid (CPR) and critical risks, the use and handling of fire extinguishers, and self-care and wellness through massages.

Safety Interventions by Leaders
The dynamics of the day began with safety interventions led by company leaders. Edwin Pasten and Diego Sapunar addressed the issue of recklessness and overconfidence, highlighting the importance of maintaining a beginner’s mentality in order to always be cautious. Shift leaders Mario, Guillermo, and Orlando reflected on the relevance of leading by example and being role models in terms of safety. Susana and José Cortez, through a skit, promoted mutual care, emphasizing that safety is a shared responsibility. Finally, Daniel and Alexis Zamora discussed the man-machine relationship, stressing the importance of safety when interacting with dangerous equipment.

Joint Committee test
One of the dynamic highlights was the CPHS test, where the representatives of the committee were introduced. Marco Cerda, president of the CPHS, gave a speech on commitment and responsibility for the safety of all employees. In addition, a game of alliances was held to encourage collaboration and leadership of the committee.

Teamwork & Reflection
The teams participated in a game by zones, in which they had to associate cards with specific risks in their areas and the corresponding safety measures. This activity concluded with a reflection workshop, where good and bad safety practices were identified, and commitments were made to improve in each work area.

Presentation of the Emergency Brigade
The day also included the presentation of the new 2024-25 Emergency Brigade, led by Ana and Daniel Zamora. During an earthquake drill, the brigade demonstrated its effectiveness by evacuating the teams to the safety zone, underlining its essential role in emergency situations.

Expected Impact
The Condensa 2024 Safety Day aims to be a milestone in the company’s history, promoting greater awareness and commitment to prevention and self-care. With this event, Condensa reaffirms its dream of being a leader in prevention and safety, identifying opportunities for improvement and establishing action plans for the second half of the year. To conclude, public recognition was given to the month’s safety standouts, thanking them for their ongoing contribution to the promotion of safe practices at the plant.

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