Personal care pumps by COPCO

    COPCO has released a wide array of pumps especially suited for the personal care space. The pumps are available in standard black or white but can be custom decorated according to client requirements.

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    As the picture shown, its stylish, modern design offers an ideal backdrop for creative design, especially the cap, decorating an clear AS on top just fit the bill who’s following the true transparency. The curvaceous line across the cap and bottle, makes the overall look more fashionable. What’s more, it’s convenient to take along for its light weight and small size. Furthermore, we also have PE bottles in other designs with EVOH layer, to fulfill your needs for higher barrier when containing functional ingredients such as SPF.

    COPCO's acrylic jar goes beyond the luxury personal care line

    COPCO’s acrylic jar has a PMMA exterior for a premium glossy look, while the inner wall is made of PP for greatest formula compatibility. With its elegant look, the jar goes beyond PET standard jar and offers a format that is eminently qualified to become a part of luxury personal care line. The decoration of acrylic jar includes color injection, color coating, hot stamping and UV etc, creating a stunning line that is instantly recognisable on the shelf.

    COPCO's classical foam pump

    Benefiting from the mesh, it creates exquisite foam. The mild and fine foam not only releases the content's benefits into skin more effectively, but also enhances the product experience. So you don't worry about the chilly sensation when consumer's using your products in the winter anymore. It's suitable for various of contents such as facial washing, self-tanning and personal care products etc. This foam pump comes with a bottle with 100ml, 150ml, 180ml for your options.

    COPCO's plastic tube with 3-roller ball

    COPCO has launched round plastic tube with 3-roller ball which are made in clean rooms, making them suitable for high end skincare products. What makes it special is that it has 3 roller balls on the head. It can comprehensively massage every inch of skin around your eyes to maximize the efficacy of the eye essences products. The maximum 8-color printing machine provides flexible work on the decoration, offering fresh and vivid printing to tempt the eyes of the consumer. Other than this 3 roller ball one in diameter 19mm, we also provide common 1 roller ball type in diameter of 19mm and 16mm.

    This exquisite PET bottle series offering from COPCO is perfect for those brands looking for small volume bottles with classical design. They’re superb for travel kit, because of their exquisite looks. Users can carry them anywhere and no need to worry about occupation of large space. Also they can be perfect for trial packs and hotel supplies. COPCO not only provides plastic bottles, also affords brands more flexibility in developing complete product lines using various jars, tubes and accessories in high quality.

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