COPCO's Acrylic Airless jar

COPCO's acrylic jar comes in 3 sizes from 15g, 30g to 50g and is great for eye cream, facial moisturizer and other skincare cream and gel. Outer jar made of acrylic which offers diversified decoration options, inner jar is made of PP material, which has great compatibility with various skincare formulations. The cap is ergonomically designed for an easy and pleasant hold, and also makes the jar looks more sophisticated.

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Cylindrical PET Bottle Range with Straight Shoulder

Benefiting from the multiple sizes and decoration options, this collection of PET bottles are versatile to realize all kinds of applications in personal care field. Sizes available: 100ml to 300ml Dispenser options: Serum pump, lotion pump, mist spray pump and caps etc Decoration options: 1) Injection molded colors including clear, translucent, opaque and pearlized; 2) Inmold high-gloss colors; 3) Gradient color spray; 4) Holographic finish (Iridescent color); 5) Silk screen print and hot stamping.

New Decoration on Cosmetic packages: Sheer Metallization

Metallization of plastic packages is usually appeared in solid color, such as solid gold / silver. COPCO is going to launch a new option, which is sheer metallization. It's realized by nano coating material which forms a very thin layer of coating on the surface, so that you can see through it. Another feature of sheer metallization is its perfect mirror surface which makes the bottle looks premium and high-end. By the way, we are able to make trendy holographic hot stamping on the bottle.

Premium airless bottles and Acrylic jars

Crystal clear bottle in square shape, silver shoulder and pump, with a square cap to complete the image, -- this is COPCO's new product this week. Together with acrylic jars in same shape, this collection is a great choice for premium skincare lines. Bottles are available in sizes 15ml, 30ml and 50ml. Jars are from 5g, 10g, 15g to 30g and 50g. Diversified decoration options are provided, such as silk screen print, hot stamping and a matte finish to bottle, jar and cap.

Small-size plastic packages

For small-size packaging, COPCO has launched glass spray vials, roll-on vials, tester vials and PET sample bottles in the previous weeks. This week we are going to launch a new series of plastic mini pack, which are of HDPE or PP material. They'll be great option for samples, promotion, single dose, trial, travel pack, miniatures and much more. Sizes are available in 10ml/15ml/25ml for bottles, 10g for jar. Reducer available for bottles. Decoration options: semi-transparent color, opaque color, silk screen printing and hot stamping etc

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