Co.Plast regenerates its catalog and introduces a host of new items

Co.Plast, headquartered near Milan in Italy, has recently revamped its catalog on Webpackaging and introduced a number of new ranges. The firm is known throughout Europe and further abroad for producing caps and dispensing tops for a number of sectors, primarily in beauty and personal care but also in the pharmaceutical and home care spaces.

The company has released four new closures of two types that are swiftly gaining in popularity.

Items TF185 and TF205 are simple screw-tops that are at home on any number of bottles while items K185 and K205 are screw-ons with flip-tops. The latter offer added convenience by providing dispensing without removing the closure.

The TF185 and K185 are smaller in size, with neck sizes of 18/415. They're an excellent choice for sample items or small format packaging items such as travel versions of popular products or complementary items at hotels or spas. Sensible bottle sizes for these closures fall into the under 100ml range. Both the TF205 and K205 are 20/415 closures, a bit larger in diameter.

All of the closures are made of PP to maximize compatibility and can be customized in any number of ways, with many standard colors available. There is also the possibility to personalize the color and finishes through metallization, decoration with hot stamping or silk-screen printing, and more.

The caps are designed with performance in mind. All of Co.Plast's closures are prepared to last throughout the life cycle of the products they top, from first use all the way to being tossed in the recycle bin. Consumers are guaranteed smooth performance during normal day to day use, improving the odds of a repeat purchase.

Visit the Co.Plast catalog now and take a look at all their new items!

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