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Firm'Up: a new, dual-function applicator by Cosmogen

Firm'Up is an original package designed by Cosmogen for formulas that require an applicator with two functions. On one side, its fine textured or smooth spatula (SEBS or PE) applies and distributes the formula on the area to be treated with incredible precision. On the other side, its 45° inclined zamac surface ensures the effectiveness of its application. It stimulates micro-circulation, tightens and smoothes the skin, lifts, and smoothes fine lines and facial micro-tensions. The dispensing of the formula is excellent and the cooling effect of zamac provides comfort and an enjoyable formula experience.

  • Suitable for skin care:
    Eye or lip contouring, anti-wrinkle treatment, spot or D-scar treatment, lip balm¡.
  • Zamac :
    Alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper, clean and recyclable.
  • SEBS and PE:
    Belong to the family of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), recyclable.
Technical specifications:
Ø19mm and Ø16mm* - Capacity 4 to 20 ml
mono or multilayer (PE / EVOH)
Offset, screen, hot stamping, UV coating, shrink sleeve, metallization.
*Only for Squeeze'N version, with patented open/close rotary head (On/Off)

Cosmogen is a French company created by Gerard Gieux, its major shareholder since 1982. As a pioneer in the design and production of brushes, accessories and packaging for the cosmetic industry, Cosmogen has great expertise in developing application solutions for makeup, cosmetic powders and fluids.

With its integrated design offices in France and China, Cosmogen adopts an innovative approach and offers standard or customized solutions to its customers.

Headed by Denis Richard-Orliange, the firm's General Manager, the company has experienced an evolution of its turnover since his arrival in 2007. For 2012, the company's turnover reached approx 20 million Euros, the year in which the company celebrated its thirtieth anniversary.

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