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International partners and opinion leaders at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2020 to create the cosmetic industry of the future

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Equipped with a state-of-the-art training and testing lab, the most cited trend agencies and the most important R&D experts, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, the leading B2B event for the cosmetic industry, will lead operators and professionals in their discovery of the future evolution of the sector. The Cosmoprof format, established 53 years ago in Bologna to give a voice to an industrial sector that was already important for the Italian and international economy, remains faithful to its tradition.

In Bologna, with Cosmopack and Cosmo | Perfumery & Cosmetics from the 12th to the 15th Marchand Cosmo | Hair Nail & Beauty Salon from the 13th to 16th March, companies and experts from over 150 countries will analyze current trends in key markets. They will have the opportunity to discuss the future evolution of the industry and outline a common vision of the evolution of the beauty universe in 10 years time.

On the threshold of a new decade, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2020 will propose a vision of the cosmetics sector in 2030 to the more than 265,000 anticipated attendees. More specifically, it will examine what consumers will need in the next 10 years, which technologies will characterize the development of the sector, and what challenges companies will likely face.

Training, sharing, and discovery will be keywords present throughout the show through innovative gardens, as a stage for new social relationships and a forge for new projects. These areas will set the stage for new business relationships while exposing attendees to new perspectives and innovative solutions. Inputs and updates will be provided by trend agencies serving as the reference for international cosmetic brands.


Cosmoprof, together with the trend agency BEAUTYSTREAMS, will report the "megatrends" set to influence the evolution of international markets over the next 10 years. Within the Garden of Innovation, three thematic stations will offer a vision of trends, looks and the beauty routine of the near future, and the changes that are already visible in our society: biotechnology and technical revolution, the evolution of the relationship between man and environmental and nutritional resources, and new forms of art and design. In order to understand what tomorrow has in store, it is necessary to understand what has been built up to this point."

The Big Picture" will offer a look at the main factors that characterized the last decade and will present the "megatrends" that will change the beauty industry in the next decade. The installation "A Day in the Life: 2030" will take operators through a typical day in 2030, foreshadowing what will be the daily rituals guiding consumers will be drawing inspiration from innovations proposed on the market today.

Last stop, the beauty looks of 2030 will be presented with the color trends of "Faces of the Future." Furthermore, an area will be dedicated to beauty tech start-ups, in collaboration with partners across the globe. Over 30 start-ups will make the Garden of Innovation a place to scout out the proposals, many of which will change the beauty industry in the coming years.


BEAUTYSTREAMS experts will animate Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2020, highlighting the key trends for the beauty sector. The Garden of Trends will be the name of the installation dedicated to the fifth edition of CosmoTrends, the project showcasing trends from newly-launched products of exhibiting companies. The initiative will equip operators, trend scouts, opinion leaders, and R&D managers with the tools to evaluate the most suitable strategy for the development of their business. The area will host a preview of the most interesting proposals of the next edition of Cosmoprof. After the exhibition, a complete report of the trends emerged during the event will be released, with insight on which trends will be impactful to international markets.


The eighth edition of The Factory, an initiative created within Cosmopack (the show dedicated to the production chain) will give life to an experimental lab. The first step of the project will be located in Pavilion 19, with a live production of a cosmetic product thanks to the innovative technologies provided by select Cosmopack exhibitors. The main focus of the initiative will be "Foundation for all" - an emulsion crossing skincare and color, produced in 6 nuances. The foundation can be tested directly inside The Mallin Pavilion 29, dedicated to Beauty Salon and Spa, with guidance from professional make-up artists hosted in the area.

Furthermore, in Cosmoprime, located in Hall 14, buyers, distributors, and retailers will be able to visit The Shop, which mimics the buying experience within a brick-and-mortar. These three areas will be curated in collaboration with centdegrés design agency and will all be part of the Garden of Diversity.

The concept of diversity drives the entire initiative, as a starting point for a transformation to inclusive beauty. Today, even the relationship between beauty products and consumers is changing as consumers no longer have to adapt to the products available, but rather products are designed specifically for the unique needs of consumers. The Factory project will also focus on the importance of the wellness experience of a product, as the foundation will be versatile, performing, glamorous, and light for the skin. Packaging of the product was also given much attention, providing greater precision in the technique of use. Lastly, the project will place great importance to the environmental footprint of the product.


Between Pavilions 15 and 20 inside Cosmopack, there will be a preview of the colors and materials of cosmetic products in 2030. For the second consecutive year, thanks to a multi-sectorial vision and the study of the developments already taking place in the industry, attendees will be able to preview the nuances that will characterize the color segment and the materials that will most influence packaging.


"The Garden of Fragrances" will focus on the transformation of the fragrance world in partnership with NEZ - The Olfactory Movement, the observatory of perfumery trends and transformations. NEZ will turn its attention to 10 years into the future, bringing personal insight on the evolution of perfume in 2030 to Bologna. An innovative sensory experience will be created that will take place in three phases from the collaboration with the Grand Musée du Parfum, the discussions of writers and journalists about the possible scenarios of fragrances in the future, and through exclusive olfactory paths.

In addition to the Garden activations, there will be initiatives dedicated to the theme of sustainability, no longer just a trend, but the foundation of everyday life for today's consumer. The entire cosmetic industry is called upon to implement practices that respect the environment and enhance resources for mankind. Quantis, an agency of experts in sustainability, will participate in projects dedicated to the reduction of the environmental impact for the cosmetic industry.

Cosmoprof partner Sparknews, an agency specializing in green projects for beauty companies, will give visibility to the activities of exhibitors that have effectively implemented practices that promote sustainability and the circular economy. Through these initiatives, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2020 promotes an ethical concept of beauty: innovations and technologies have to be dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of the entire production process. In 2030, waste in cosmetic production will disappear, instead becoming resources. No longer will anything be created or destroyed, but rather transformed.

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Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna rescheduled for 3 to 7 September 2020

The 53rd edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna has been rescheduled for September: it will be held in Bologna from 3 to 7 September 2020. Following the release of the emergency decrees to limit the spread of Novel Coronavirus in Italy, as well as the latest restrictions confirmed by other countries in Europe, Asia and the American continent to limit international travels, BolognaFiere Cosmoprof SpA, the organizer of the event, has announced a further postponement of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2020.

Cosmoprof network: The international ambassador for the excellence of the beauty industry

The roadshow program for the promotion of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2020 has come to an end; the world's leading event for the beauty sector presented its future initiatives in strategic markets. Eight meetings were organized with the participation of 500 key figures for the sector, including companies, buyers, operators, associations, and journalists. The roadshow was organized with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy and the Italian Trade Agency.

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