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    New V04.2480 nasal actuator for 20mm pumps

    • Coster

    Coster, a leading multinational provider of aerosol spray dispensing packaging components and filling machines, has launched a new nasal actuator for crimp-on pumps which is suitable for adults and children alike.

    The actuator comprises two side wings for a proper and comfortable actuation and its long skirt hides the pump, increasing its visual appeal to users. In addition to having a small tip, the actuator V04.2480 features a special internal insert, which avoids any possible risk of bacterial contamination of the product or residue generation.  

    Equipped with a protective overcap to avoid accidental use, the actuator also has a larger surface which enables the proper actuation of the product to be dosed. The actuator's materials also comply with food contact standards, assuring good manufacturing practice.

    As well as offering an extensive range of off-the-shelf actuators and spray caps, Coster also works in partnership with customers to design custom solutions.

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