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    Coster introduces Capri, the new actuator for spray products

    • Coster

    Capri, the new actuator from Coster, is a two piece spray actuator with overcap suitable for 1" male aerosol valves. It consists of a finger pad with integrated spray channel, conveniently fitted within the collar. The finger pad has been ergonomically designed with a ribbed finish for an easy and comfortable actuation. Capri has a universal unisex look, which makes it easy to adapt and customize to a variety of products.

    The actuator has been designed for a broad set of applications, including deodorants (DEO and AP), cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, sunscreens and household goods.

    Capri completes Coster's range of standard actuators, giving customers the possibility to choose among unlimited colour combinations as the finger pad, the collar and the overcap can all be supplied in any colour. This allows customers to choose the colour combination that best fits their needs.

    Key features of Capri:

    • Standard spray version can use almost all of Coster's MBU insert range
    • AP (anti-perspirant) version is also available
    • Fits the mounting cup of male aerosol valves
    • Matt or glossy overcap
    • 36mm diameter
    • Suggested for aluminum cans with ogival shoulder, Ø max 45mm

    Capri is manufactured in Coster's TecnoCoster plant in Italy with state-of-the-art dedicated machinery and is available all over the world through Coster's commercial network.

    Coster is a leading multinational provider of aerosol, spray and dispensing solutions for personal care, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, household and technical products. The company has a unique offering in the aerosol and dispensing industry, as manufacturer of both packaging components and filling equipment.

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