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New player RxPack enters pharmaceutical packaging sector

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Coster Group transfers its pharmaceutical aerosol and dispensing business to the newly formed company RxPack. The new company combines Coster’s products and complementary offerings from Lindal Group to  create a distinctive portfolio of spray packaging solutions for pharmaceutical applications. It is thus ideally  positioned from the start to seize the growth opportunities in this sector. RxPack will be located in Oggiono,  north of Milan in Italy, and is expected to start operations at the end of this year.  

With RxPack (pronounced R-x-Pack), there will be a new provider of pharmaceutical packaging solutions with  a distinctive and highly competitive product portfolio. RxPack will be one of the three leading players in the  sector, thus having the opportunity to stimulate momentum and drive innovation among all sector  participants. This will greatly benefit pharmaceutical companies and their customers alike.  

“Our goal is to create a new strong player in the field of packaging solutions for pharmaceutical applications.  RxPack has the expertise, the products and the financial strength to provide our pharmaceutical customers with  innovative solutions that significantly improve the health and lives of sick people”, explains Martina Segatta,  Chair of the Board and majority shareholder of Coster. “With RxPack, we create a powerful setup dedicated to  the pharmaceutical sector that will enable us to serve this mission excellently and make the most of the  opportunities in this sector.” 

RxPack combines pharmaceutical businesses  

RxPack will combine the highly complementary product lines of Lindal and Coster with spray packaging  solutions for pharmaceutical applications: pulmonary inhalation devices such as MDIs, nasal devices such as  nasal pumps and other aerosol and dispensing solutions for the regulated and non-regulated pharmaceutical  sectors. Additionally, RxPack will be the exclusive distribution channel for Coster’s aerosol filling machines for  pharmaceutical applications, excluding BOVs. 

RxPack will start its business with about 60 employees of Coster and Lindal who bring special expertise for the  pharmaceutical business. Furthermore, the company will hire additional specialized employees that are critical  to the company’s success. The staff will be located at the production facility of Lindal in Oggiono which offers  excellent working and production conditions including cleanrooms and laboratories.  

Owner families are the driving forces behind the new company  

Coster and Lindal will initially invest four million EUR in upgrading and extending clean room manufacturing  capabilities. Further investments and R&D plans will target entering the highly attractive regulated sector and  extending the product portfolio with innovative alternative pharmaceutical packaging solutions.  

RxPack’s investments and R&D plans also reflect the motivation of the owner families behind Coster and Lindal.  Martina Segatta, just like Katharina Lilienthal, Chairwoman of the Board of Lindal, has been a strong supporter  of the establishment of RxPack from the beginning and firmly endorses the substantial investments to expand  the range of high-quality and innovative solutions for customers. Their companies, Coster and Lindal, will each  have an equal share in RxPack.  

RxPack will be a stand-alone company  

Coster and Lindal will continue to be competitors outside of RxPack. The new company will therefore operate  completely independent from both groups and with a stand-alone organization and separate facilities, as the  Oggiono site will be exclusively dedicated to RxPack. RxPack will solely focus on the pharmaceutical sector, a  segment requiring special expertise and manufacturing technology, and thus on the production and  distribution of products used exclusively targeting this sector.  

Coster and Lindal will focus on their core business, serving customers in the personal care, home care,  technical and industrial sectors. The manufacturing of the BOV products, however, will remain at Coster and  Lindal. Since they are based on a different technology and address different segments in addition to the  pharmaceutical sector, Lindal and Coster will both continue to offer BOV products, also for pharmaceutical  applications, and remain strong competitors in this area. 

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