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    The magic of personalization — according to Coverpla

    • Coverpla

    How do you make a standard bottle into a 100% branded product, a distinctive object capable of spreading the universal image of a brand, of transmitting its codes in a flexible yet economic way?

    The answer is personalization. Coverpla has built its business on this precept.

    At Coverpla, a turnkey offer is an intentional strategic choice. It allows emerging labels to develop their products in small and mid-sized series and more established brands to imagine limited editions, flankers, capsule collections, and other promotional campaigns. At Coverpla, choosing a standard product makes it possible to save on timing as well as on development and tooling costs, with guaranteed aesthetics and European quality.

    Dare to be different

    Starting from a range of bottles, caps and spray pumps, all available in stock, the client brand builds from scratch its pack from standard components, to which it gives an initial identity by simply combining the various elements that make it up. It is then up to the brand to bring its personal touch with decoration techniques such as lacquering, metallization, screen printing, pad printing or hot stamping... and why not with the addition of materials such as engraved or cut-out metallic plaques.

    At this stage, it is still possible to step up the customization process. Some brands choose to further embellish the materials by embossing the lid, stamping, laser marking and even engraving the glass, a singular signature that represents the paroxysm of personalization, a skill at which Coverpla excels.

    There are, therefore, many stages of customization, from the simplest to the most sophisticated; that is where the magic lies.

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