CTL-TH Packaging (CTL Packaging) collaborates in the fight against COVID-19 with the manufacture of flexible tubes for hydroalcoholic solutions

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The CTL-TH Packaging group, one of the leading companies in the packaging industry of flexible tubes with plants in Vitoria (Spain), Barcelona (Spain) and Vichy (France), launches a specific production plan for flexible tubes for the packaging of hydroalcoholic solutions at a European level, in order to quickly serve its customers, reducing delivery times from the usual 60/80 days to 15 days. This achievement could not be possible without the responsibility, effort and involvement of all the group's personnel.

The Easy Supply Tube (ESTube®) product, used for this campaign and based on a unique and patented process for the manufacture of injected flexible plastic tubes, reduces development and change times by reference allowing maximum agility, guaranteeing the most high quality standards.

The group has several ESTube® manufacturing lines, both in Vitoria and Vichy, which allows to have a great capacity to respond to an urgent and growing demand for packaging for hydroalcoholic solutions in this health emergency situation.

With this initiative, the CTL-TH Packaging group intends to collaborate in the fight against this pandemic and help everyone protect themselves against it.

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