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Drug discovery for ocular diseases has taken great strides in the last two decades. From cornea to choroid, new drugs have been formulated to address a great variety of ocular diseases. Yet, without good drug delivery systems, these drugs are less effective than they could be, possibly even ineffective or could cause serious side effects. Doctor Pack’s innovative design includes soft squeeze flow control Dropper System, Preservative Free container closure system. Multiple design with LDPE /PP material options are offered.

Doctor Pack inhalation device produces an aerosol of medication with a significant dose of particles in the so-called respirable range that enters the lower airways. Our devices also minimize local (oropharyngeal) and systemic side-effects of the drug and are simple to use, portable, durable, unobtrusive, and cost effective. Proprietary and customized MDI Actuator with counter is offered. MDI valves are under validation. Mist Spray design is under development. Capsule DPI with Low, Medium and High Resistance are available to suit different formulations. Expertise in Multidose DPI Development and Supply. Customized Design DPI data base is available for faster development.

Parenteral Drugs are administered directly into the body subcutaneously via IV & IM. Doctor Pack’s Parenteral Devices comply with ISO 11608-1:2000 and are user-friendly and ideal for self-injection with an anti-stick protection system. Our Parenteral Packaging is made of high barrier properties and is free from microbial contamination & has high purity.

Product Features

  • COP/COC/HDPE / PP Vial: 5ml, 10ml & 15ml – ISO 8362-1 specification
  • Auto-Injector with Anti-stick needle Protection System
  • COC/COP Prefill Syringe – 05 ml, 1ml, 2.25 ml , 5 ml & 10 ml
  • Needle Safe Device
  • Implant Devicewith Anti-stick Protection

Doctor Pack dispensers, insulin pens & lancing devices are user-friendly, with tactile, visual, and audible features. They are compatible with standard pen needles and lancets.

Doctor Pack provides both reusable and disposable pens with 0.5—and 1 IU increments. The design ensures optimal actuation force, accurate dosage with ease of dose setting, dose correction, dose limit stop, and large, legible dose marking. The devices comply with ISO 11608-1:2000.

Oral delivery systems can take a number of forms, including tablets, capsules, time-release technology, emulsions, and suspensions. Oral delivery systems are specifically designed to perform certain functions to deliver the drug to its site of administration in the body.

Product Features
Measuring Cup:5-15 ml
Dosing Syringe:5 ml, 7.5 ml, 10 ml & 12.5 ml
CRC/ Non-CR CAP:24 mm, 25 mm, 28mm, 33 mm & 38mm, 45mm& 53 mm
Tablet Container: 40cc, 60 cc, 75 cc, 100 cc, 120 cc, 150 cc,200 cc, 250 cc, 300 cc, 400 cc, 500 cc etc.
Tablet Pen Dispenser
Metered Dose Oral /SublingualSpray

Doctor Pack special devices:

  • Rec-dial Syringe with dose setting &Lock
  • Vaginal Applicator
  • Spray Patch
  • V-Syringe
  • Metered dose Pen Device
  • Flow control Droppers for Diagnostic dispensing
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