Ring your customers' bell!

  • Dongguan Jiaxin Industrial Limited

With so little time available to capture a consumer's attention, how can you ring their bell and make them take notice of your product on shelf?

In addition to catching the consumer's eye, a pack needs to stand out from the crowd in order to be picked up and purchased.

Jiaxin's bell-bottom line of cosmetic packaging comprises of 5 pump bottles in capacities of 40ml up to 160ml along with a 30ml dropper bottle that is ideal for serum and an accompanying 30ml jar for cosmetic cream. All 7 items in the range feature a distinctive bell-bottom shape that flares out from the shoulder before gently curving under into the base.

The strong look is heightened through the use of a broad collar with the dispensing closures and a bold cap which makes the impact of the set even more striking on the shelf.

Bell-bottom specifications

Model # Product Neck Material Capacity
JX0466 Jar 47mm PET 30ml
JX0467 Dropper bottle 20mm PETG 30ml
JX0468 Pump bottle 20mm PETG 40ml
JX0469 Pump bottle 24mm PET 60ml
JX0470 Pump bottle 24mm PET 100ml
JX0471 Pump bottle 24mm PET 130ml
JX0472 Pump bottle 24mm PET 160ml

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