Jiaxin's PET bottles are perfect for cosmetics and personal care lines

  • Dongguan Jiaxin Industrial Limited

Dongguan Jiaxin makes things easy for customers by offering many of its bottle lines in a range of different capacities. Its sunshine yellow PET range does just that.

The sunshine line of round PET bottles includes 13 bottles with curved shoulders, with volumes ranging from 40ml up to an impressive 100ml. 

With standard neck options, the bottles are easy to combine with an appropriate closure to make it easy for the customer to dispense the product ready for use. The 13 bottle size choices make it easy for a brand to put together a full line of products with sizes to suit.

While the sunshine yellow color stands out on the shelf, Jiaxin can also offer the bottles in other color options to coordinate with existing lines.


Model Neck Capacity
JX0497 20mm 40ml
JX0948 20mm 60ml
JX0499 24mm 80ml
JX0500 24mm 100ml
JX0501 24mm 120ml
JX0502 24mm 150ml
JX0503 24mm 180ml
JX0504 24mm 200ml
JX0505 24mm 250ml
JX0506 24mm 300ml
JX0507 24mm 500ml
JX0508 28mm 750ml
JX0509 32mm 1000ml


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