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    Dreyer Kliché

    Dreyer Kliché

    Dreyer Kliche is a quality and service driven company with values and ideals in the enhancement of creative design in the packaging and print industry.

    Dreyer Kliche produces a range of dies, supply high quality foils and offers services and know-how in graphic finishing and exclusive printed decoration. We are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of hot foil stamping dies and embossing tools.

    We co-operate with many delivery companies to make sure we can offer next day delivery to your location.

    Dreyer Kliche was founded in 1945 by Jørgen Dreyer. Then, as Dreyer Repro, a traditional Repro- and Cliche company, where the primary production was zinc plates for newspaper printing.

    In 1994 Conni Dreyer took over the company and has developed Dreyer Kliche to the innovative and quality conscious company, as it is today.

    Dreyer Kliche's primary market is outside Denmark with approx 80% of our turn-over. Our business is growing steadily year on year around the globe.

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