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We’ve recently launched a new section on our website to tell the world about how these machines can help customers with better boxes.

On the new webpages you can learn that Mandrel technology has a number of advantages over the customary corrugated cardboard box. For a start, the innovative DS Smith-developed technology uses flat cardboard die-cuts that are shaped around a mandrel that perfectly fits in the shape of the box.

This concept offers consistent and unparalleled accuracy. It is the ideal solution for non-load-bearing products such as flexible pouches while the six- or eight-sided boxes are also perfect for load-bearing products with their greater vertical compression resistance.

DS Smith’s Packaging Machinery are in demand around the world. Our range of machines, from case formers to case sealing, can better protect your products, operate at the speed of your business and help save you money on each box of goods that leaves your facility.

It can cut costs as the greater stability of mandrel-formed boxes allows the packaging weight to be reduced by 50% making materials cheaper and saving substantial amounts on fuel and logistics cost. Even better, the accuracy of assembly means DS Smith can implement its patented centring technology that increases stacked stability, reduces the need for wrapping and most importantly, reduces costs that go straight to the bottom line.

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