Norwegian Prime Minister discovers Drypack– unique packaging driving Norway’s seafood boom

  • DS Smith

In an era of falling oil prices Norway’s seafood industry has been a bright light for the economy. Exports have more than doubled in the last ten years to a total of 74.5 billion NOK (just under €8 billion) in 2015. More than 60% of those exports are for live seafood.

Drypack packaging is an important element in the export of live seafood. Crucially, the leak-proof packaging is the only fish box approved by IATA for air freight so that connoisseurs of seafood as far away as South Korea and California can choose their own live crab at their local restaurant.

Drypack, which has won a WorldStar packaging award, does more than just protect the precious and fragile product. The 100% waterproof and recyclable packaging also lowers costs for Norway’s exporters making them more competitive in a global market.

The flat boxes require much less space during transport and storage prior to use, and the flexible design means that sizes can be adjusted depending on how many ice packs are needed according to the length of the journey.

What is more, the packaging benefits from high-quality printing for increased branding. For example, Norway’s King Crabs currently run a campaign where each box has a printed QR code which can be scanned. The end consumer then learns about where the crab was caught, who the fisherman was and more – developing a much closer relationship with a unique and valuable product.

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