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Liquid Eyeliner adds dramatic impact to our eye makeup and is an effect that can be achieved in a number of fashions. To reflect this versatility, Efficient Engineering, a company that specializes in cosmetic makeup, has designed 4 different styles of liquid eyeliner packs.

Meet Tulip, Iris, Aster and Monk, 4 different shapes of containers that have been inspired by the movement and lines of classic eyeliner shapes.

Eyeline Packs at Efficient Engineering

Tulip’s design is smooth and soft, with a gradual incline from the liquid bottle to the applicator head, holding a fill volume of 3.5ml. Iris, while sharing the same capacity, features a wider bottle base with an overall shape even more reminiscent of a flower.

With a similar design to Tulip, Aster stands taller and more angled, with a larger capacity of 4.5ml. The largest eyeliner container from the range is the straight-lined, cylindrical Monk, whose fill volume reaches up to 5ml.

The sleek design of the eyeliner packs allows for an easy application of a combination of additional decorative services including metallization, foiling and printing.

See packs in the catalog or contact Efficient Engineering for more details. 

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