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Internet of Things… yet to come

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Internet of Things… yet to come

Author: Gary Ashe

National Director of Consumer Innovations


What does this even mean, Internet of things?  Simply, the internet is coming off of our computers,

Phones and any other electronic devices and showing up in objects surrounding us.

Things that we currently see are doorbells that allow us to see who is at the door via our phones, refrigerators that allow us to develop our grocery lists, security systems and music devices and yes, even in Packaging. Basically, Innovators are looking at how our everyday objects communicate with us as well as communicating with other objects.

At the consumer level, how do we make our homes smarter, safer and more efficient? From lighting demands, garage access via texting. The convenience of, changing your thermostat, from your bed.

All major consumer electronic companies are innovating and investing in various concepts. However,

Some barriers still exist, IOT requires the internet to power and unfortunately in some areas of the world the internet does not exist. But, I believe it’s safe to assume that our world is on the path that the entire world will be connected.

Pharmaceutical consumers are exploring ways to alert seniors and others to take their medications.

Health and Consumer wearables are another area IOT is being implemented. Activity monitoring, from counting your steps in a day, to diabetic monitoring. Medical implantables, for heart monitoring, pain management and many others.

The automotive industry has also been active as well. Developing navigational systems, voice demands, charging platforms,  all part of the “infotainment” found in cars today. Driverless cars and trucks, key recognition, alerts to insurance companies that an accident occurred.  Basically, everyday drivers will soon see a fundamentally different world of mobility.

Packaging is another active area of IOT innovations, from labels that talk to you, to labels that describe package content as well as expiration notices. Adding human elements to packaging, such as scent release, lighting, music, heating and cooling and of course data collections. The ideas for packaging are endless. However, the key is more dissemination and more packaging ideas for what the consumer wants, so that we can get more flexible and diverse.

Empire EMCO’s Innovation Team are exploring all these avenues. We welcome your thoughts and concepts and dive deeper into understanding consumers wants.

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