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Enercon Industries praised for its long-lasting machines, outstanding service and support

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Enercon Industries – which prides itself on offering unparalleled reliability and superb service – has been praised for its efforts. The global leader in induction cap sealing has been commended by a long-term customer, Shaws.

Set up in 1889, Shaws is a British producer of chutneys, relishes and sauces. Back in the early 90s, the company installed its first Enercon water-cooled unit into its production line – a machine that is still 'like new' to this very day.

Jim Peace, Production Director of Shaws, said:

"The Enercon induction sealer is one of the most reliable machines on our line. After over 20 years of use the unit still works perfectly and looks like new."

Since the 90s, however, Enercon Industries has dedicated itself to pushing the boundaries of induction heat sealing, resulting in it producing the most technically advanced sealers on the market. There has been a move away from water-cooled units to air-cooled units, line speeds have increased by up to 25% and the newer models are virtually maintenance free. As a result of these developments, Shaws decided to replace its unit with one of Enercon's fastest-ever machines, the Super Seal Max.

Mr Peace added:

"We wanted to future proof our sealing needs by moving to an air-cooled unit capable of running at higher production speeds. We also wanted to move away from a water-cooled machine to further reduce maintenance. We are keeping our old unit as a back-up."

Speaking about Enercon's support service, Mr Peace commented:

"It is absolutely brilliant. Everyone I have dealt with has been friendly, helpful and professional – Enercon understands the pressures of production. The quality of its support is the number one reason we bought another machine. I know that problems will be rare but if we do have them, Enercon can be relied on to help us."

To find out more about Shaws visit www.shaws1889.com or to find out more about Enercon visit www.enerconind.co.uk

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