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Enercon Industries gets the seal of approval from the Royal Household of Ogwejiakpe

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Enercon Industries, the global leader in induction cap sealing, has been given the royal seal of approval from its latest customer as Otófé Royal Africa Luxury Sauce is one of the newest products to reap the rewards of induction heat sealing. The tomato sauce, which comes from the Royal Household of Ogwejiakpe in Africa, is now being foil sealed by Enercon's portable induction machine, the Super Seal™ Junior.

Speaking about induction sealing, owner Catherine Mellowship said:

"We decided to use induction sealing as it provides our product with tamper evidence, leakage prevention, freshness preservation, shelf-life extension and modern technology. We chose an Enercon induction sealer as Enercon Industries was recommended to us by the jar manufacturer as a world leader that was reliable and able to provide world class technical advice, practical assistance and support."

She added:

"Since moving to induction sealing it has provided us with product integrity and ensured a good shelf life. We would definitely recommend Enercon to others."

The Super Seal™ Junior is just one of the Enercon range of cap sealers which provide state of the art technology to a wide range of industries – from food, beverage and pharmaceutical to industrial and cosmetic – worldwide.

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