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Cosmetic floral water company prevents leaks through induction cap sealing

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Lavendula de Simiane, manufacturer of cosmetic floral waters, was in search of a solution against product leakage. To achieve this, the company contacted Enercon Industries, and integrated an induction heat sealer to its production for the application of strong, hermetic seals.

Nicolas Landel, Director of Lavendula de Simiane, said:

“We didn’t seal our products before and we had experienced a few problems due to leaks. Adding an induction seal allows us to facilitate the transportation of our products. We often prepare large shipments of our products, and the strong hermetic seals on our containers will allow us to reduce the risk of leaks during transport.”

By adding an induction seal to prevent leaks, the company also gained other benefits.

“Induction seals are also better for product freshness and shelf life,” said Mr Landel.

The company opted for one of Enercon Industries’ induction sealers after a recommendation by an American brand that it works for.

“Because of the industry that we are in, but also the reputation of the larger American group that we work for, our customers expect the product to be protected and sealed and we must meet their expectations,” said Mr Landel.

In the cosmetics industry, the quality of the product is paramount as it affects consumer experience and brand image. This is why many brands of the cosmetics industry champion the use of induction heat sealing.

Speaking about the Enercon induction sealer, he said:

“Our equipment was delivered quickly and it was easy to install. We were able to use our sealer immediately after reading the instruction manual, and after just a few trials.”

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