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Cosmetic company, KLEAN Spa, prevents leaks and customer complaints with Enercon induction cap sealing technology

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A cosmetic company has solved the problem of leaking products and customer complaints by using Enercon’s induction cap sealing technology.

Jennifer Hardaway, founder of the all-natural beauty products brand, KLEAN Spa, was suffering from high levels of complaints from her customers about the brand’s sugar body polishes. By the time they were delivered to the customers’ doorsteps, the product had leaked out of the container.

To prevent customer dissatisfaction, Ms Hardaway found herself replacing the leaking scrubs – wasting valuable time, product and profit. Knowing she needed a solution, she began researching online for a reliable packaging solution that would ensure leak prevention.

She found that solution in Enercon and its portable induction sealer, the Super Seal™ Junior.

Ms Hardaway said:

“Before investing in an induction sealer, I was afraid to send my product out, unsure of how they would arrive at my customer’s door. “Now I have the confidence to ship my products.”

Speaking about the Enercon induction sealer, Ms Hardaway added:

“I love the Super Seal™ Junior’s portability and ease of use, but most importantly it solved my problem, it worked! “Peace of mind is worth every penny spent on it.”

Thanks to the application of reliable and hermetic seals, product leaks and customer complaints are a thing of the past for Ms Hardaway.

After buying an induction sealer, KLEAN Spa was also able to expand its online business thanks to the confidence that product quality would be maintained throughout transport.

To find out more about Enercon Industries’ induction cap sealing equipment, click here, or to find out more about the benefits of induction technology, click here.

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