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How can metal packaging increase the value of products?

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Why do brands choose metal packaging?

Quality packaging makes you feel the impression of a quality article inside it. Tin box is an interesting extra, as many people recycle them for all kinds of functions or simply to collect them.

Packaging helps to change significantly the way the customer conceives a product. Metal packaging of a mid-range item will make it appears a higher value product.

On our website, you can find two different ranges of packaging designed to give more style for any brand: The standard range and the premium packaging options.

What is Eurobox's standard range?

Cookies, coffee, tea and also tobacco tin boxes are a classic. They all have in common keeping the product qualities intact, once the inner bag has been opened. Thus, when you taste a cup of tea with cookie a week later than to be opened, or smoke a cigarette, they still have the same aroma and the same qualities as when the box was opened.

On the other hand, perfums and drinks metal boxes do not try to preserve the food, they give to it a better appearance. Glass bottles preserve the product but metal boxes mission is make the article much nicer and much luxurious.

How does the premium packaging line differ?

Our Premium packaging, is our star packaging. Firstly, the raw material used in these metal boxes is top quality. Even the printing form which must have a superior result.

Finishes such as lenticular or mirror-polish are applied which are not found in other ranges and make a noticeable difference to the final product image. We take care of every detail, that is why we have special closures, which guarantee maximum security, or plastic inners, keeping totally safe the product.

It is important the outside packaging, keeping the tin boxes away from scratches, scrapes or dents. A premium tin box has to look impeccable, as the inner product, in order to get the appearance customer expects.

At Eurobox, we like to maintain transparent and balanced commercial relations. We enjoy showing our customers our production processes and how we treat our final finished products.

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