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Fancy & Trend, a Taiwan-based firm specializing in high quality cosmetic and skin care packaging, has released a new series of “Totally Transparent” click pens.  Unlike common frosted PP (Polypropylene) pens, the company uses premium PCTG to create a product with a glass look.  With great resistance to chemicals, PCTG provides more options for housing products.  Also featuring anti-leakage applicators, the company ensures that the product will not leak on the shelf or in the consumer's home.  

"In the past few years, a lot of customers have talked about how badly they were looking for a pen with a clear barrel to show the special color of their formulation. While seeking beautiful packaging, customers also want something durable for their unique formulae. Not only do they seek a lovely exterior, they also require durability - end consumers, like ourselves, don’t want to see something they just bought leak when they bring it home in a bag," said Aaron Lin, Fancy & Trend's Sales Manager.  

According to the company, the click pen is definitely a must-have product for just about any cosmetic brand, based on market research. To develop a good product, one need not only possess a penetrative understanding of the market, one must also have plentiful experience in the field. Fancy & Trend noticed that what consumers want is just that, an attractive, durable, and secure product, so the company endeavored to create something new, something beyond existing offerings.  Thanks to the experience and technique of the company, the new "Totally Transparent" click pens offer what consumers want in one package.  

Going even further, Fancy & Trend also developed three different applicators for various products, including concealers, lip glosses and eye creams. Based on the excellent second-process durability of PCTG, companies have more choices from which to select when it comes to designing the right product for their target markets.

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