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Fancy & Trend, a Taiwan-based firm specializing in high quality and innovative cosmetic and skin care packaging, has released a new complete line of fruity lip gloss containers. With a wide variety of different fruit shapes, consumers, especially kids and teens, can find a fun and make-up.

The fruity line contains chili pepper, tomato, apple, grape, pineapple, strawberry, cherry, and banana. Consumers can fill the bottles with different formulas/flavors according to the shape.

Made from PET-G, one of the FDA's certified materials, the containers are durable for all kinds of lip gloss formulae and different fragrances.  Purchasers can also fill clear bottles with different delicious colours.  Also, the ABS cap, which comes with a dip applicator, can be decorated by spray or metallization to add more value to the product presentation.

With the cute shape, the products are suitable for the teenage market, but the product would also be more than successful as a  promotional products.

FT-LG0598 D 15.5mm x H 119.1 - 5.5ml Chili pepper
FT-LG0601 D 23.8mm x H 57.9mm - 8ml Tomato
FT-LG0602 L 26.0mm x W 25.6mm x H 59.2 - 8.5ml Apple
FT-LG0603 L 30.2mm x W 27.8mm x H 93.4 - 18ml Grape
FT-LG0604 D 25.1mm x H 58.5mm - 9ml Pineapple 
FT-LG0605 D 25.2mm x H 60.5mm - 9ml Avocado
FT-LG0606 D 24.5mm x H 60.4mm - 7ml Strawberry
FT-LG0607 L 28.8mm x W 23.6mm x H 42.7mm - 6ml Cherry
FT-LG0610 L 16.6mm x W 16.6mm x H 85.0mm - 5ml Banana

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