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Fancy & Trend offers 3D drawing service to visualize packaging design

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Since 3D printers became available for companies to use for creating samples, packaging development is moving faster than ever. However, actual sampling is still taking too much time for changing colour selections and style options when compared to a digital 3D packaging design that can be visualized as digital is always faster than actuality.

Fancy & Trend's design team can offer 3D visual packaging design to its business partners around the world. The company's strength in fast-track packaging development puts Fancy & Trend at a superior advantage when compared to competitors, particularly as the company is at the forefront of adopting new techniques and technology.

The 3D visual packaging design service from Fancy & Trend has been available to business partners across the globe for some time as Fancy & Trend is trusted in to develop novel packaging designs from scratch or make standard packaging stand out with latest decoration techniques. Fancy & Trend can provide a complete service to any company that is seeking new ideas for packaging and the option to view a packaging design in 3D makes decision-making a faster and easier process.

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  • Modified 14 Aug 2015
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