Cosmetic cream jar features a top compartment

The multifunctional packaging design introduced by Fancy and Trend is a cosmetic cream jar holding a spatula within for product application, with a top compartment to hold another product.

The cream jars available measure 35ml and 50ml. Brands are at liberty to either leave the lid a solid coloured plastic or to add an optional clear window, enabling consumers a glimpse of the product before purchase.

The component is made of PETG, making it a compatible and safe container for various chemicals and ingredients.

Packaging specification:

  • FT-CJ0231
    • 46.0 x H. 62.0mm
    • Capacity: 50ml
    • Cap material: SAN and ABS
    • Base material: PETG
  • FT-CJ0232
    • 46.0 x H. 65.0mm
    • Capacity: 35ml
    • Cap material: SAN and ABS
    • Base material: PETG


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