Cosmetic Roll-On Packaging

Fancy and Trend introduces its roll-on packaging selection of different sizes, shapes, and materials, designed for diversified cosmetic products.


Fancy and Trend adopts SAN and PETG for its roll-on packaging bottle to ensure product compatibility and stability. Ranging from 4 ml to 12 ml in different shapes and designs, the selection satisfies product requirements  for either volume limit or marketing purpose.

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Fancy & Trend officially introduces PCR plastic products into its portfolio

Aware that consumers around the globe are recognizing the importance of environmental protection, Fancy & Trend, a well known supplier of make-up and cosmetic packaging to the European and American markets has officially introduced PCR plastic products into its packaging portfolio. Through the use of different proportions of PCR plastic, Fancy & Trend can meet different customer needs including budget and cost considerations, decoration and product coatings, to ensure competitively priced unique options for the market.

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