Fancy & Trend Introduces Thick-walled PETG bottle for its new lipgloss collection

There are 5 different styles for Fancy & Trend’s new lip gloss collection that are composed of Thick-walled PETG bottle: the classic square, the modern slimline, the elegant and curvy circular shape.

The packaging bottle is made of PETG bottle that is compatible with delicate formulae, and safe to hold and protect product within. With detailed project plan, the team opts ABS for cap that can be decorated with various treatment such as metalization and overspray coating.

Whether gloss gold, matte black, or pearlescent sheer. Fancy & Trend makes sure to satisfy premium brand’s standard of presenting good quality with amazing visual effect.

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Fancy & Trend officially introduces PCR plastic products into its portfolio

Aware that consumers around the globe are recognizing the importance of environmental protection, Fancy & Trend, a well known supplier of make-up and cosmetic packaging to the European and American markets has officially introduced PCR plastic products into its packaging portfolio. Through the use of different proportions of PCR plastic, Fancy & Trend can meet different customer needs including budget and cost considerations, decoration and product coatings, to ensure competitively priced unique options for the market.

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