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    Looking for ecological packaging? Favini presents the greenest paper offer: "Paper from our echosystem"

    • Favini

    PAPER FROM OUR ECHOSYSTEM, the new offer with a high ecological value by Favini, a leading company for luxury packaging papers, arrives today at the trade fair Luxepack Monaco, the place to discover the latest environmentally friendly innovations.

    Since the early 90's, Favini's R&D laboratories have applied the principles of the circular economy to paper production. The eco-innovation process has continually developed and improved over the decades, adding more and more valuable elements, until reaching the generous and structured offer that now takes the name of PAPER FROM OUR ECHOSYSTEM.

    Packaging and sustainability: From raw materials to design, including recyclability

    According to Favini, an ecological packaging must be developed according to some basic rules: The raw materials must be respectful of the environment, the design must not only be functional and aesthetically appealing but must aim at reducing waste in an ingenious way, and, finally, the packaging should be reusable or recyclable.

    In the case of paper-based packaging, Favini has studied solutions that can meet the most challenging needs: Ecological credentials alongside technical performance and a pleasantly tactile and aesthetic aspect.


    The PAPER FROM OUR ECHOSYSTEM mark is the guarantee that the papers are environmentally friendly regarding:

    • Eco-innovative raw materials from:
    • Paper recycling, with at least 40% pcw or FSC™ Recycled certification
    • Creative reuse (upcycling) or alternative fibres to tree pulp
    • Use of renewable energy
    • Offsetting of any unavoidable CO2 emissions
    • Biodegradability & Recyclability, and an eco-innovative process

    The PAPER FROM OUR ECHOSYSTEM offer is based on four pillars. The first concerns the fibres used for ecological papers: To alleviate the pressure on forests, the use of recycled fibre from 40% to 100% is preferred, from upcycling processes of by-products of other industries or by using alternative fibre sources other than the tree.

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