The Duo-Flow Oil Bottle/Dispenser


Many a household chef has encountered the following problem - in order to save a bit of time while cooking several dishes at once, an oil cruet is grabbed in order to dress a salad but is found to be empty.  So, rather than waste time refilling the cruet, these intrepid culinary masters decide to pour the oil straight out of the bottle, as delicately possible.  Nine times out of ten, the result is a salad that´s been ruined by a deluge of oil.

Gepack has engineered a solution and it´s a pretty simple one.

The folks there have created a dispensing spout for their sturdy PET oil bottles, creating an ensemble that features two different flow rates.  Hold the bottle in one direction, and you get a plentiful stream that´s perfect for coating the bottom of a fry pan or measuring out a quantity for a recipe.  Turn the bottle 180º, and you´ve got a very light flow for dressing a salad or drizzling a few drops on some canapés. No fuss, no mess, no swapping out or refilling containers, and no drowned greens.

Most folks, however, don´t buy good olive oil in thin, crunchy, plastic bottles, they buy it in cool-looking, cosmopolitan designer bottles.  Oil producers can now switch to PET, because Gepack´s bottles are tough enough to handle glass line fill pressures and speeds, while still being light, inexpensive, and shatterproof. Best of all, consumers won´t shy away from them: Gepacks´s PET bottles are weighted and coloured just like their glass analogues and provide a heft and feel that’s as close to glass as you can get in plastic, and they don’t look horrible on the dinner table.  Further, the full solution

All in all, Gepack’s new spouts and the bottles they’re housed in make daily life just a little bit easier while respecting the need to be more eco-sensitive - and that´s what innovative packaging should be all about.

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