Gepack's Single Serve GBottle


Wine has been a part of the consumer landscape since before there WAS a consumer landscape. Originally bottled in skin or pottery, the most common container used today is the glass bottle, thanks to glass' natural light and vapour barrier properties and its low cost..

Glass, as we all know, however, is a bit delicate, and it seems that what consumers want is something  they can carry everywhere,  something light and comfortable to bring along that doesn’t break.

Gepack, a Portuguese manufacturer of sturdy PET packaging, has just released an innovative new concept designed for beverages on the go.

Each piece comes with a gorgeous overcap that doubles as a glass. Practical and elegant, the concept is particularly suitable for wine, sparkling wines, speciality beverages, and more.

The new packaging concept, is perfect for consumers that would like to take enjoy an elegant wine or a refreshing spirit cooler on a picnic, at a barbecue, at a sporting event, at a catered luncheon, or just about anywhere else. 

Made of high quality PET that features all that material’s barrier properties, the is a fantastic solution for companies seeking to provide customers with an excellent and safe consumption experience. The new concept can even be filled in lines designed for glass!

Of course, the bottles aren't limited to wines or spirits, they're also great for juices, soft drinks, or even clear water. The added glass/overcap adds a touch of class and elegance to just about any product it comes with!

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