Gepack offers new bottle neck option to fit perfectly with Guala closures


Gepack, a Portuguese manufacturer of sturdy PET bottles and caps, has just released an innovative new concept designed to integrate its existing offering with those of partner firm Guala. Gepack will now produce a wide variety of PET bottle models with Guala neck finishes, to ensure a perfect fit for those companies that are satisfied with the results of their existing Guala closures.

Over 30 models of Gepack's spirit bottles in PET will receive the added benefit of tops that can be used with Guala closures. The array of bottles is ample, including popular sizes of 500ml, 700ml, 750ml and 1L capacities. The move seeks to ensure that those firms that have already gone through the laborious process of deciding upon a closure will not have to repeat the process.

Gepack's bottles provide a better solution for companies seeking to make the switch to PET. All of Gepack's PET options provide excellent barrier properties as well as sturdiness that allows them to take the place of glass on filling lines without massive recalibration of fill pressures or line speeds. 

All the bottles that feature compatibility with Guala's closures are also available in a number of other formats, including BVS30H, PP31,5 and CORK/BARTOP.

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Knowing that primary packaging is a crucial tool for the pharmaceutical industry, GEPACK develops products able to assure the demands of the sector, placing innovation at the service of safety, functionality and precision. Our unique solutions enable a smooth transition from glass to PET, ensuring all its benefits to the customer. As a manufacturer, GEPACK develops products from conception, through production to delivery for any project, providing bottles with standard or custom made shapes that can be combined with specific neck finishes and manufactured with barrier properties in any colour.

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