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Pharmaceutical range for injectables, syrups and nutraceuticals

Europe, Health, Primary Packaging, Active, Smart Packaging, Plastic, 1 - 9.99 ml, 1 - 1.99 L

A wide range of expert packaging solutions ready to protect and value any product, making the consumer experience safe and easy.

Knowing that primary packaging is a crucial tool for the pharmaceutical industry, GEPACK develops products able to assure the demands of the sector, placing innovation at the service of safety, functionality and precision. Our unique solutions enable a smooth transition from glass to PET, ensuring all its benefits to the customer.

Committed to the highest standards GEPACK raw materials are FDA/DMF approved, compliant with both European and US Pharmacopoeia. Alongside with fundamental qualifications such as EN 15593, HACCP and GMP, the production facilities include its own certified Clean Room ISO 6 FDA 1000. The 16m high automated warehouse allows stock integrity as well as stable SLA’s. Every container has full traceability.

As a manufacturer, GEPACK ensures the ability to develop products from conception, through production to delivery for any project, providing bottles with standard or custom made shapes, from 5ml up to 1000ml, that can be combined with specific neck finishes (+50 options available or as required) and manufactured with barrier properties in any colour. Also supplies a diverse offer of closures and seals, accessories and dosage aids.

From Boston, Veral and Injectables complete ranges, pill jars and small capacities, the bottles have glass like appearance, lighter in weight, compliant with both plastic and metal caps, easier and safer to transport and manipulate.

Being an expert on the development of complex bottles GEPACK can provide a significant and diverse offer for small capacities. Compliance with DIN 18 systems and Sensoplast devices (droppers, pipettes, brushes, spatulas…), clinch 20, PP 18 and PP 20 delivers all the PET benefits without operational impacts. More than 100 different references starting at 5ml featuring functionalities as precise dosages, squeeze control, suitable for sampling and unidoses, available in multiple shapes from tubes to jars.

PET is an eco-friendly material: BPA free, it minimizes the carbon foot print as it can be fully recycled saving 70% of the energy, when compared with glass. A recent life cycle analysis performed by the Allied Development Corporation states that "PET is the most favourable alternative when compared to aluminium cans and glass bottles".

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