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When it comes to glass-like PET packaging, innovation is in GEPACK's DNA!

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GEPACK's PET packaging catalogue is constantly being enhanced through creativity, design and new functionality. The company exports over 70% of its production and is world known for its prowess in producing primary PET packaging for a number of markets, all the while bringing out two or more new products each and every month. Read on as Ligia Passos explains how the company does it.

Ligia, what exactly is your role within GEPACK?

I deal with operations. My role is to ensure that everyone in our organisation delivers their best with the company's best solutions so that we can service our clients even better.

What sorts of products does GEPACK produce?

GEPACK is a manufacturer of glass-like PET (polyethylene terephthalate) packaging. As an expert in the development of innovative products, our company's PET products prove to be a true alternative to glass as we can deliver glass-like quality, but using PET and all its benefits instead.

So, who is your typical customer?

We work with companies both large and small. Regardless of the size, most of our clients are actually in search of specific premium PET bottles and they come to us because they know that they can trust us with their products.

Our customers know that we are able to develop unique solutions and provide high quality service.

Does the company have any offices outside Portugal?

Since 2015 we have had a manufacturing operation in Arizona in order to better serve our clients in the USA. As we have been successfully growing, we see our sales agents as real partners and they are an extension of our philosophy.

Our primary location is in Lisbon, Portugal where we have 10,000m2 of operating space.

Precisely how has GEPACK managed to expand its business internationally?

GEPACK designs very specific packaging solutions to enhance the value of a customer's product. Innovation has been a part of GEPACK's DNA from the very beginning and is now a renowned part of the company.

We are always exploring and finding new PET capabilities so that we can produce products that transmit creativity, new functionality, and design. We are able to do this through our unique technical expertise which has been built over the years through our experience.

GEPACK can take any challenge and bring new packaging solutions to life.

We are responsible for the production process from start through to finish. Our integrated industrial unit controls all the stages from the conception and design of the bottle in order to guarantee optimum quality and delivery times. This has been GEPACK's key to success for the past 14 years, so that now we are present in more than 30 countries all over the world and exporting over 70% of our production.

In which markets do you typically operate?

We provide solutions for several different markets, among them food, spirits, cosmetics, wellness and with our ISO 6 clean room, we have been a key player producing primary packaging for the pharma market for close to a decade.

Can you tell us about any new product lines due for release this year?

We've just released a brand new nutraceutical line which was custom made for a client. It is as hard as glass and benefits an unprecedented cristalinity along with all the benefits of being PET.

How are new product lines developed?

Our ability to provide unique solutions and glass like products is already cemented through our reputation so 40% of new developments come as direct requests from our clients. The other 60% is developed through our own curiosity regarding potential market needs and exploring the capabilities of our product. 

What makes GEPACK different from other PET producers?

At GEPACK, we are always seeking new solutions. Since the company was established, we have released two or more new products every month. Do you know any other company that has released two new products per month since it was created?

Will the company be exhibiting at any packaging events in the coming year?

It most certainly will. For the past four years GEPACK has been present in over 12 speciality shows per year to present products and innovations personally.

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Knowing that primary packaging is a crucial tool for the pharmaceutical industry, GEPACK develops products able to assure the demands of the sector, placing innovation at the service of safety, functionality and precision. Our unique solutions enable a smooth transition from glass to PET, ensuring all its benefits to the customer. As a manufacturer, GEPACK develops products from conception, through production to delivery for any project, providing bottles with standard or custom made shapes that can be combined with specific neck finishes and manufactured with barrier properties in any colour.

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