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EuPhidra chooses Giflor for maximum sustainability!

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EuPhidra is a brand of cosmetic products pertaining to the Zeta Farmaceutici Group dedicated to skin care and health, thus one of the first companies to bring cosmetics into pharmacies.

As an extremely innovative brand with high sustainability values, EuPhidra has chosen an Eco Low Profile closure for tubes from the Giflor catalogue to crown the company's new "Floreali" collection of 98% natural shower gels that are packaged in tubes.

Sophisticated and ecologically-friendly

EuPhidra's chosen closure is Giflor's ELP 772-50 cap for tubes, a highly sophisticated cap that meets the brand's ecological requirements. The cap's principal feature is the reduction of used plastic by 50% (compared to traditional tube closure systems), as well as a decreased energy consumption need for its production.

This brand-new launch for EuPhidra's Floreali line marks a fundamental milestone on the path towards sustainable packaging, where Giflor is proud to accompany alongside such a prestigious Italian brand.

"When choosing Giflor's ELP tube system, brands are actively reducing raw materials as well as energy and emissions during production and logistics. Using the ELP tube system means that 25% more complete tube and cap packs can be sent out logistically each time. This is an additional benefit to the significant 50% reduction in logistic costs for the cap. EuPhidra's choice of our Eco Low Profile 772 is the ideal complement to its natural shower gels."

Check out the ELP 772 tube cap in full 3D on your screen

You can even add your logo to the tube and style the model to see how it would look with your brand's colors.

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