Giflor welcomes the SQUEASYT™!

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Spearheading the plastic closures industry, Giflor welcomes a brand new closure into its portfolio. The SQUEASYT™ benefits from a TPE valve - a flow control system in an elastomeric material.

The SQUEASYT™ closure has been produced utilizing the latest in manufacturing technology to deliver clean dispensing without droplet loss. This technology is a considerable step ahead towards a dosing experience in the Personal Care, OTC and Food industries by transforming the user experience into something unique.

With its stylish and elegant external matte finish, this egonomic closure gifts the user an incomparable tactile experience ideal for high-end cosmetics or food products that need to stand out from the masses.

The closure provides a perfect solution for top-down packs such as tottles, with no leaks, drips or spills. It's ideal for viscous products as the user can easily control the quantity of the dispensed product and Giflor also offers a liner option.

Above all, the SQUEASYT™ provides consistent performance from first to last and this breakthrough technology offers a 100% recyclable solution in line with Giflor’s commitment to sustainability as the cap and TPE valve do not require separation to enter the recycling stream.

Key benefits of Giflor's SQUEASYT™

  • Optimal flow control: thanks to the TPE valve, you can control the quantity of dispensed product.
  • No leaks & drips or spills
  • Suitable for viscous products with liner option available.
  • Perfect solution for top-down packs (tottles).
  • 100% recyclable: cap and TPE valve do not need to be separated thus facilitating the recycling stream.
  • Unique user experience: external matte finish for an unforgettable tactile experience.
  • Ergonomic opening

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