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Sustainable packaging proves a Royal Affair

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Creating amazingly natural products starts from the choice of good ingredients, sustainable packaging and trusted partners.

This story has its roots in Slovenia, where Neli Zovko an exceptional woman and successful entrepreneur, decided to merge her long-standing passion for cosmetics with her determination to create a product for women, made by women.

When The Royal Affair started looking for a packaging solution that was entirely sustainable, and at the same time could convey that sense of "royalty" evoked by the brand, there was no doubt that Kim Pai Tuba’s mono-material laminated tube equipped with Giflor’s Eco Low Profile closure art. 772 was the only choice.

The Royal Affair’s high expectations were perfectly met by the selected pack. Not only does the combination have a sleek, commanding aspect, but it is also 100% recyclable as both the tube and cap are manufactured from the same material and can be easily sorted as just a "single piece" in the recycling stream.

Enhancing the sustainability of The Royal Affairs chosen solution even further is the extra-compact design of Giflor's Eco Low Profile closure art. 772 which for the same volume of product, guarantees a saving of 5g of material per tube. Effectively, this reduction facilitates one kilogram less plastic per thousand tubes. Not only is material saved, Giflor's Eco Low Profile closure art. 772 also results in a reduction to the height and weight of the packaging solution, thus significantly decreasing the environmental impact of product transportation.

"We wanted a packaging solution that would be beautiful, feminine, functional and sustainable for The Royal Affair, and Giflor has delivered on every count. Not only have we achieved a stylish pack that is 100% recyclable, but by using Giflor's Eco Low Profile closure art. 772, we are saving resources."

Key features of the monomaterial tube completed with Giflor's Eco Low Profile closure art. 772

  • Award-winning technology – Gold Award in the "Best innovative components or process" by the Tube Council
  • 100% recyclable - No requirement to separate the parts for recycling
  • 50% less plastic in the cap
  • 20% less weight in the entire packaging
  • 25% more efficient pack out

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