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Vitélite chooses Giflor to ensure convenience without compromise on quality or aesthetics

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"Details that talk about quality"

To be more visible, quality too needs a refined look, especially in a competitive and sophisticated industry such as the care one. That is why Vitélite chose the premium design of Giflor’s closure systems to complete the packaging of its shampoo and conditioner line.

Convenience without compromises for quality or aesthetics. This is Vitélite, Kélite Srl’s brand dedicated to hair care that offers innovative product lines created to meet the most modern needs of style and fashion. The high level of quality is guaranteed by the experience and the know-how acquired over the years by Kélite. The products are all strictly “Made in Italy” and have a good quality/price ratio, which makes them accessible to a broader audience.

In an industry in which the big players make the rules, the main challenge for a brand like Vitélite is to find the right way to highlight its value proposition, stand out on the shelves, and be recognizable by consumers. The quality of the product in this sense is certainly fundamental, but so it’s its image. The attractive packaging of Vitélite’s line has been studied down to the smallest detail to catch the consumer's eye and increase the overall perception of the product.

Vitélite chose Giflor's Just Colors flip-top cap art. 815 for its entire shampoo and conditioner line, opting for an elegant gold-and-white bicolor customization. The patented design of art. 815, with the seductive contrast between the curved lines of the cap and the flat surface of the top, adds charm to the packaging, plus the functionality of this cap is at the highest level incorporating maximum ergonomics, high resistance and the possibility to use the bottle top-down.

All these fundamental details talk about quality — the same quality that Vitélite and Giflor deliver to their customers each and every day.

View Giflor's art. 815 in 3D in this browser and configure it with your brand's colors.

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