Giflor seals the deal with its e-commerce E-closures line

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The e-commerce sector continues to grow. According to the latest projections, the global online market will reach 5 trillion dollars in sales by the end of 2022 and is expected to hit up to 6 trillion by 2024.

People are buying and will continue to buy, more and more online, a scenario that calls for brands that want to conquer and maintain market shares on the web to be ever more careful in their choice of packaging components. Regardless of the distance or the shipping conditions, in order to build a relationship of trust with the consumer, brands need to be 100% certain that the product arrives in the consumers’ hands perfectly intact and undamaged.

Always looking to the future, Giflor's R&D department started developing closure systems specifically suited to e-commerce in 2003, with the creation of its E-closures line. These caps meet the needs of all major industries and are today globally recognized as a guarantee of style, functionality and – most importantly – a positive unboxing experience, without unpleasant surprises.

Giflor's E-closures line was designed with five key characteristics for effective e-commerce packaging:

  • to provide safe storage in minimal space
  • to maintain integrity through the entire supply chain
  • to be impact resistant
  • to offer ease of handling and transportation
  • and to ensure no leakage under extreme conditions

One of the most appreciated E-closures for cosmetics and personal care products is Giflor's exclusive push-lock cap art. 560, a top-of-the-line solution. Featuring a stunning, elegant, patented design, the push-lock guarantees outstanding performance in any e-commerce environment and transportation risk scenarios, including drop, vibration, impact and stability tests. As a guarantee of its performance, Giflor's push-lock cap art. 560 is also ISTA-6 certified.

For the most demanding shipping standards in terms of safety and hygiene, Giflor provides a selection of liners that can be combined with its closures, including pressure sensitive, HIS and HIS lift’n’peel liners. Available for both bottles and tubes of different diameters, these special membranes can be applied to cylindrical caps to ensure a double sealing, thus preventing any leakage or contact with external agents. It's a smart and effective solution to ensure perfectly tight packaging and to “seal the deal” with your brand's consumers.

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