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Caresse Cosmetics chooses Giflor for Miffy, the iconic bunny loved by thousands of kids worldwide

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Miffy is an adorable little girl bunny who is the protagonist of many adventures for kids 0-2. But what does she have to do with Giflor's collaboration with Caresse Cosmetics?

Miffy is a funny and beloved little girl bunny created by Dick Bruna, one of the most popular illustrators in the world, famous for his books for kids and teens and for Miffy, also known as nijntje, in Dutch, “bunny”.

Caresse Cosmetics, a Dutch company specialized in personal care products, decided to celebrate this fictional character with an entire range of products designed for the hygiene and care of little ones. At Giflor, we are glad to be part of this project and be able to contribute to the happiness that these products will bring to many children around the world.

How did we do it?

A Giflor cap provides the perfect base for the playful tottle chosen by Caresse, combining the best features of a bottle and a tube. The raising provided by our round flip-top cap allows it to highlight the most recognizable element of the famous character - Miffy's characteristic funny ears! The packaging is enjoyable, attractive and soft to the touch, not only suitable for children but perfectly characterizing Miffy herself.

Our cap art. 736 – 38/400 was primarily chosen for its diameter that facilitates the filling of the pack as it ensures that the nozzles fit in the package and guarantees the stability of the tottle. Moreover, the 736 closure perfectly fits the pack and it contributes to its compact, proportional and easy-to-handle silhouette. Thanks to the Ø 6mm dispensing orifice that allows a smooth and quick outflow, the 736 closure is perfect for viscous liquids.

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