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Giflor is launching a brand new product into its iTap dispensing portfolio that poses the answer to The Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation. The SOLO is not just another tap, rather it is a revolutionary tap with a brand new design that avoids microplastic waste, is drip-free and easy to use.

Reliable SOLO

"iTap taps are ideal for liquids of various viscosities for food, personal care, housecleaning, and other applications. With SOLO, we've made it easier than ever before to store and dispense bag-in-box liquids as well as stand-up pouches."

SOLO is designed to be highly versatile, providing a dispensing solution that is reliable through to its final use. It is this unique design that makes the SOLO an effective tap for so many liquids: Not just beverages, but also edible oils and sauces, personal care products, detergents and cleaning solutions, and more. With its patented drip-free design SOLO features an unrivaled barrier against oxidation as well as consistently exceptional performance.

SOLO Operation

The brand new iTap SOLO features an easy-to-remove tamper evident seal that can be detached with a single tear, enabling the tap ready for use. The tamper evident seal stays attached and poised to the right of the tap, ensuring no microplastic waste after use. 

The iTap SOLO has a user friendly and practical operating system of two wings whereby the tap can be activated by using one or both together. This airtight and durable system prevents even the most minor of drips and enables long-term preservation of bag-in-box contents.

Italian SOLO

The iTap SOLO has been designed by Italians with the flair and functionality that makes Italian-designed products popular around the globe. Renowned for its elegant design, attention to detail and material quality, you can expect the best of Italian craftmanship here in this new dispensing innovation from Giflor. 

SOLO style

Sustainability and style go hand-in-hand at Giflor. The iTap SOLO's body is offered in either black or white, with customers further able to to choose Carbon Black-free or Eco Natural options to meet their brand's unique sustainability qualifications. The tap and seal can be customized by Giflor with a color of choice to create a fresh and professional visual that complements the advanced packaging technology of the tap. 

Further details can be found in Giflor's product catalog, alternatively, to learn more about the iTap SOLO or to make an enquiry, contact the team at Giflor

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