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    Glasel’s airless compacts

    Airless Compact

    GLASEL's airless compact prevents changes to the contents by avoiding exposure to the air and effectively preventing bacterial contamination. It is designed even for viscous foundation and sunscreen to be easily discharged.

    Inner Case Replacement (Refilling)

    The inner case can be replaced from inside by pressing the bottom. The inside frame is fitted to the inner case for replacement of the inner case and the inside frame together.

    Step 1: After taking the puff out of the outer case, close the lid. Turn the outer case upside down. Press the button firmly with both thumbs until the refill comes off.

    Step 2: Open the lid of the outer case and take the refill out. Pallet: PK/PP; (Slim) Discharge opening: PE; Lower case: PP


    The entire pallet (top surface) serves as a button. Press it to discharge the contents from the center (through a single hole or many holes).

    《Option》Your Original Palette (Slim Deco)

    The inner case pallet (the button on the top surface) meets your specific needs for the number of discharge holes and for printing to realize your original design. The ink will not come into contact with  the contents because a PET film with a printed design on the back is insert-molded into the pallet.

    Discharge holes can be bored within a limited area. For further information, please contact Glasel’s team for instant consultancy.

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