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    Glaspray focuses in innovative designs and sophisticated engineering to present the most complex ideas in the simplest form, transforms and elevates fragrance & cosmetic packaging.

    GLASPRAY is a trendsetter of portable charms. As a manufacturer and designer of dispensing packages for fragrance and skin care, we combine design and manufacturing expertise to fulfill customers' unique requirements.

    Glaspray's product range has a focus on mobile living and sustainability. Twist-Up package with cartridge refill system offer a portable solution for your fragrance and skin care brands.




    Thinking from new perspectives and applying intelligent engineering, Glaspray integrates different designs and mechanisms, transforming ideas and concepts into products in unconventional ways.


    Glaspray continues to create true multi-functional/crossover products due to the market's ever changing trends by adapting alternative functions and applications to our product designs. We offer a manufacturing process that facilitates different engineering requirements.


    Less is more. Glaspray turns complex techniques and packaging structures into a simple design language. We combine minimalism with refinement for your stylish consumers to strengthen your market differentiation.