ROMA Airless: Twist Up Aluminum Airless Packaging

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Glaspray, designer and manufacturer of dispensing packages for fragrance, skincare and cosmetic industries, releases its latest aluminum twist-up package, The Roma Airless.

The patented design, in addition to providing airless protection to formulations, also includes a wide range of benefits for brands including sustainability features of being refillable and using recyclable materials.

The inner cartridge and pump can be lifted from the canister and effortlessly replaced with a replenished pack. The airless inner bottle can be produced using PET, PP and even PETG depending on customer preference.

By using the patented twist up and down dispensing pump, end users can rest assured for a hygienic application, as the orifice is protected from dust before and after application.

Unlike other packs, Glaspray has created a high-quality aluminum canister to give brands a luxury and stand-out look in comparison the plastic packs. The use of aluminum also contributes to a reliable and wear-proof pack that end-users are able to enjoy for extended periods of time. 

While the packaging benefits visually and functionally from the use of aluminum, Glaspray has incorporated Silgan’s Pure Path technology into the Roma Airless, proving a metal-free pathway for formulations.

You can find the Roma Aluminum Airless in sizes 16.9ml, 23.8ml, and 33.1ml, with a 0.20ml dosage, suitable for a number of lotion and cream applications.

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