Deo Natural Spray for him and her

  • Heinz Glas

Heinz Glas has incorporated 2 new additions into its standard range of products. The Deo Natural Spray (DNS) bottles are offered in 2 different options. One styled for him, and one styled for her.

The DNS Male is a 75ml stylish glass bottle with a FEA 15 neck. With its broad 56.5mm width and squared oval shape, this bottle is subtle in its appeal. Partnering the bottle is the DNS Female. Like its counterpart, bottle is a 75ml sleek glass flacon with a FEA 15 neck. With a 39mm diameter, the cylindrical bottle looks elegant alongside the DNS Male.

Both the DNS Male and DNS Female glass bottles are part of Heinz Glas' 'Standards on Demand' collection.

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