Multigen — The zero emission modular system from Heinz Glas

The way we produce and pack our products affects many things: Society, nature and our everyday life. That’s why we have developed our MULTIGEN modular system, to assure responsible packaging with the smallest negative impact possible for current and future generations.

"Comprising 5 components, offering 5 options to choose and combine, Heinz Glas' Multigen allows you to create your sustainable packaging solution as you want it."

  • Feather
    Light weight glass products that save on resources and enhance the beauty of your product - all at the same time. Plus, light weight plastic solutions for PET bottles.
    Less weight = less CO2 emissions and less raw material consumption.
  • Air
    Air glass is melted by 100% electric driven furnaces that are CO2-free and utilize renewable energy to ensure ultra-low emissions. Manufactured in Germany.
  • Fire
    Fire glass benefits the use of up to 50% PCR glass (glass cullet), and 10% PCR lime. This circular economy allows resources to be preserved and energy to be saved.
  • Rainbow
    Water-based lacquer enables decoration that doesn't impede the recycling of glass or plastic, facilitating an eco-friendly production process that is fed by CO2-free energy.
  • Circle
    As part of the circular economy focusing on recycled content, circle enables up to 100% PCR or PIR material to be used in the creation of eco-friendly plastic solutions.

Click here to access the Multigen information sheet.

100% climate-neutral products

At Heinz Glas, we already use CO2-free electricity and have therefore already exhausted the current highest CO2 savings potential. However, no matter how much we reduce, a certain amount of residual emissions will always be caused. To close this gap, we cooperate with the company Climate Partner. Climate Partner helps us to offset CO2 emissions through climate protection projects so that our products can become 100% climate neutral. 

All climate projects supported by Climate Partner are certified and internationally recognized.

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