Hopeck Presents Brand New T-Shape Button Droppers

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Hopeck Packaging introduces new T-shape button droppers ready to take over the market.

People don’t have much time to stop and analyze every option available at the store when they’re looking for a particular product. Those very first minutes of interaction with a custumer are the most important to guarantee your product will be among the ones considered for purchase. That’s why a packaging that stands out in one of the most competitive markets is always the best way to boost a product. Drawing attention through new shapes, options and dynamics is the easiest way to position a brand above the rest.

T-shape button droppers

And that is precisely what Hopeck Packaging is looking for with its new T-shape push button droppers, a brand new type of dropper cap designed to match different essential oil bottles, both glass and plastic. Striving for a unique appearance in the cosmetic packaging market, the cap is customizable at the client’s requirement, including injection options, aluminum, metalized painting, spray colorization, and more.

Eco-friendly packaging

As one of the pioneers applying environmental protection guidelines on the cosmetic packaging industry, Hopeck Packaging also published an eco-friendly series for its customers, including PCR, wheat straw, and wood alternatives.

After over a decade of work and dedication in the market, Hopeck is more than ready to deliver high-quality products and services to its clients, with its R&D center in Shanghai and individual factory in Kunshan.

Choose dropper cap, choose Hopeck Packaging!

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