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Illupack impresses with innovation, serving up cosmetic packaging solutions that are attractively affordable

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South Korea is in the spotlight, as packaging enthusiasts are increasingly recognising the nation’s forward-thinking attitude. Illupack adopts the same creative spirit, and strives to set new standards in the cosmetic world. CEO, Mr. Lee, provides an enlightening explanation for Illupack’s reputation for innovation, stressing the importance of a close rapport with company customers, and underscoring the value of closely monitoring cosmetic market trends.  

Illupack is rapidly approaching the ten-year anniversary of its establishment. How has the company changed over time?

Since the establishment of Illupack in 2009, the company has gone from strength to strength, impressing customers with its great ingenuity, and gaining ground in the cosmetic field. Specialising in airless pumps, lip-gloss packaging, and double injected moulds for cosmetic cream jars, we are proud to now supply to major players within the Korean beauty market, such as Aekyung and Nature Republic. Our recent relocation to a factory plant in Hwaseong reflects Illupack’s company expansion, and we look forward to increased recognition from international brands in the future.

Your region is building a resounding reputation for innovative prowess. How is Illupack contributing to this image?

South Korea is enjoying a business environment characterised by creativity, and incremental influence on the European and American cosmetic markets suggests that exciting times are ahead. Illupack proves no exception, setting the pace for global beauty with their strength in innovation, having been the very first company to perform double injection moulding in Korea. This production technique has garnered global popularity, reflecting Illupack’s special aptitude within the cosmetic field. Not only does double injection moulding facilitate easier production of packaging made from more than one material, but the use of thermoplastic elastomer resin is also more eco-sensitive, demonstrating an attention to the environment maintained by Illupack since the company’s acquisition of the ISO 9001/14001 certification in 2011.

How does the company stay up to date with cosmetic trends?

The pressure to keep up with the fast-paced world of the cosmetic industry is mounting, yet Illupack is not one to shy away from a challenge, and we incessantly strive to stay tuned to worldwide trends. Our Research and Development Department works relentlessly to monitor the market tendencies, keeping a close eye on materials and designs a la moda. Creativity is embedded deep into Illupack’s core company values, and tremendous enjoyment is had during the conception and development of a new packaging mould.

Holding the patent for twenty-four designs, Illupack currently awaits the registration of a further eleven, and this exciting moment in the company’s development epitomises the innovative Illupack spirit in which we take immense pride.

How does Illupack work towards offering competitive prices to customers?

Illupack’s business model places emphasis upon profit maximisation, and cost-effective production serves to please customers searching for an ergonomic solution. Competitive prices are achieved through technological development and the journey towards automation, and Illupack’s concentration on double injection moulding stands as one prime example.

The introduction of a multi-injection moulding machine to our Hwaseong Plant marked a milestone in Illupack’s company progression, eradicating the assembly process during the manufacturing of products for which a two-colour visual effect is desired. The ability to produce packaging components with two different materials in just one mould works with no detriment to the finished product, reducing the number of components within a pack itself, and, in turn, minimising the overall manufacturing cycle time.

How would you describe Illupack’s relationship with its customers?

Parallel to its focus on the well-being of its employees, Illupack views customer satisfaction as crucially important. The company transcends beyond customer expectations with a platter of customisation options, striving to propose a premium solution that meets the demands of even the most discerning client.

Yet Illupack’s relationship with its customers extends further, as the company favours a more personal approach, attending events such as China’s 2018 International Beauty Expo, Guangzhou, in order to get to know its potential customers face to face. Our attendance at this world-renowned trade fair introduced us to brands from across the globe, and the insight provided into the competitive industry excites us, further fuelling our determination to become a key player within the international market.

Customers recognise our competency and efforts towards offering a personalised service, and Illupack’s achievement of a prize in the 2014 Korea Star Awards serves as a testimony of the company’s expertise in this field.

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